Where do our spices come from?

February 26, 2019


Curious to know where our spices come from? This post will give you some answers.


Cool Runnings Foods is a Canadian company that imports, blends and distributes Caribbean products. We are known for our jerk products, hot sauces and of course, our seasonings.

Cool Runnings Seasonings are made using the best spices available, and blended following recipes carefully crafted to deliver the best flavour to our clients. The spices are imported, mostly from India, and are blended and packaged in our facility in North York, ON.

But India is a very large country with different climates and regions that produce different groups of spices. If you ever wondered where in India each spice comes from, you're in luck. Here is a map with the spice growing states and the main spices produced by each one of them.





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