Best Before x Expiry Date

February 26, 2019


At Cool Runnings, we work hard to ensure that our products have the best quality when they reach our clients. We often are asked about best before and expiry dates. So here is a quick guide about all you need to know.


What's the difference between best before and expiry date?
According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, an expiry date is found in only five product categories:  

  • formulated liquid diets

  • foods represented for use in a very low-energy diet

  • meal replacements

  • nutritional supplements

  • human milk substitutes

These products are not safe to be consumed past their expiry date.

The best before date tells you how long a sealed product will retain its optimal taste, freshness and nutritional properties. After this period it's still safe to eat the product, however, it might lose some of its flavour and freshness.

It's important to emphasize that a best before date is only valid for sealed, unopened products that were stored according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once the product is opened and it comes into contact with air or is cross-contaminated, the best before date is voided.


How to tell if a product is still good after it's been opened?
To extend your product shelf life, store them according to the packaging and do a quick look and smell test. Usually, if there is no mould or significant changes in the products' smell or appearance, it should be safe to be consumed.


Now you that you know the difference and these dates work, you can plan and optimize the food products you have at home to increase their durability and reduce waste.

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