Jam or Chutney?

November 2, 2018


Do you know the difference between jam and chutney? Even though they are similar products, they have some key differences.


Typically, jam is made using pectin, sugar, and fruit, which is cooked down to the point where it loses its shape. Combine more than one fruit, and the result is called a conserve. Jams go well with baked goods, desserts, and drinks, but they work well with cheese, as a glaze for meat or salad dressings.


Chutneys are made similarly to jam, but they often have vinegar, spices, and dried fruit. They have a more complex flavour and are not so sweet. The acidity creates a contrast with spicy and hearty foods. Cheeses, sandwiches, cold cuts, curries, and fried foods go well with chutneys.


In summary:


So whether you prefer jam or chutney, we have options for you. Cool Runnings Jams are available in the flavours Strawberry, Pineapple, Peach Passion Fruit, Mango, and Guava and Eaton's Chutneys are available in the flavours Mango and Papaya.





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