Lemonade: 15 ways

July 18, 2018


If there is one work we all treasure during summer: refreshing. And what drink embodies this better than lemonade? This crowd-pleaser evolved over the years and today there are so many options that it's hard to pick which one is the best. We listed 15 different ways of making lemonade, including how to make a traditional lemonade, all very simple and delicious, to help you enjoy the rest of your summer.



All recipes are also available on our Lemonade Pinterest board.


Classic Lemonade

The secret for a good lemonade? Sugar syrup. That way the sugar is well dissolved and your lemonade is uniformly sweet.

Image and recipe via Stay at Home Chef



Watermelon Lemonade

Some flavours go very well together, yet we don't realize it until we try it. It's the case of watermelon lemonade which has a big chance of becoming your new favourite summer drink.

Image and recipe via Cooking Classy



Raspberry Lemonade

Muddling the lemon and raspberry reduces the dishes and ensures you can quickly make a drink whenever you're in the mood hits.

Image and recipe via Cupcakes & Cutlery



Peach lemonade

The sweet aromatic peach juice combined with the lemon's tanginess creates a drink that reminds you what a day on the beach feels like.

Image and recipe via Taste of Home



Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry lemonade has already become a favourite to many and with this simple recipe you will be making it even more often.

Image and recipe via Almost Supermom



Pineapple Lemonade

Make things fresher and more interesting by adding tropical flavours, like in this incredible pineapple lemonade.

Image and recipe via Damn Delicious




As simple as traditional lemonade, this limeade recipe combines sweetness and tartness resulting in a light summer drink.

Image and recipe via Through Her Looking Glass



Pomegranate Lemonade

Add a few ingredients to this beautiful pink pomegranate lemonade, and watch it become a smoothie.

Image and recipe via Totally the Bomb



Blackberry Lemonade

Not a fan of strawberries? Use blackberries instead. Not only they will give your drink a beautiful colour, they will also add some vitamin C to your diet.

Image and recipe via Bread Booze Bacon



Mango Lemonade

Another juicy tropical twist on the classic lemonade, that will make you feel like it's summer any time of the year.

Image and recipe via Immaculate Bites



Kiwi Lemonade

Four ingredients, a blander, and ice. That's all you need to make kiwi lemonade.

Image and recipe via Trial and Eater



Orange Lemonade

Using lemon and orange zest is the secret to intensify this orange lemonade's taste and aroma.

Image and recipe via Stockpiling Moms



Lavender Lemonade

The floral lavender notes combined with the acidity of the lemon results in a special drink for your summer gatherings.

Image and recipe via The Kitchn



Iced Tea Lemonade

Some great recipes came from mixing two great things. In this case, two of our favourites: iced tea and lemonade.

Image and recipe via Food Network



Cherry Lemonade

This recipe was made using sweet cherries, but you can also use sour cherries. Enjoy it while they're still in season!

Image and recipe via Eating Well



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