10 Best Caribbean Martini Recipes

June 19, 2018

It's National Martini Day. But why stay with the obvious, when you can step up and have a Caribbean twist?


To make your life easier, we chose ten of the best martini recipes to take you to the Caribbean during your happy hour. Enjoy responsibly!



1. Coconut-Key Lime Pie Martini

Recipe and image by Home Cooking Memories


If you like dessert-inspired cocktails, this recipe is for you. It's like having coconut-key lime pie in a glass.



2. Refreshing Mango martini

Recipe and image by Taste the Islands


Mangoes are having a moment, so why not add them to your martini? A touch of lime juice contrasts beautifully the sweetness of the mango, creating a well balanced drink.



3. El Caribe (Caribbean Martini)

Recipe and image by Mix that Drink


Even though it doesn't have a lot in common with the traditional martini, this cocktail sure evokes the Caribbean spirit with its taste and colour.



4. Piña Martini

Recipe and image by SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec)


This drink is exactly what you would expect from it's name, a martini inspired by piña

coladas. You know you can't go wrong with the coconut and pineapple combination.



5. Pineapple Martini

Recipe and image by Absolut


This recipe is proof that the best things in life are simple. Prepared in a very traditional way, this cocktail does not disappoint.



6. Guava Martini

Recipe and image by Fine Cooking


A Guava Martini is unexpected. And what about if you add chilies to it? The combination of spicy, acidity, and sweetness turns this cocktail into a pleasant surprise.



7. Ginger Martini

Recipe and image by The Spuce Eats


This is a traditional martini recipe but adding ginger is an easy way to bring more flavour and dimension to the drink.



8. Passion Fruit Martini

Recipe and image by BBC Good Food


Most martini recipes that use passion fruit are long, full of steps, and require a lot of prep. Not this one. All you need is 5 minutes and a cocktail shaker to feel like you're in the tropics.



9. Jamaican Martini

Recipe and image by


Ever wondered what a Jamaican martini would taste like? Try this recipe and you will have the answer. Hint: it involves dark rum, orange bitters, and red wine.



10. Flirtini - Pineapple Champagne Martini

Recipe and image by Will Cook for Smiles


This drink is a version of a very famous cocktail, the Cosmopolitan. Light and refreshing, this cocktail works equally well for happy hours and special occasions.



11. BONUS: Classic Martini

Recipe and image by  Esquire


We all love giving a personal touch to any recipe, but the first step of perfecting any recipe is learning how the make the original. Recipes become classics for a reason: they work! So follow the professional tips to make the perfect martini and them feel free to use your imagination and create your own perfect martini.

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