Universal Impex Corporation is the leading distributor of Caribbean and South Asian foods, seasonings, sauces, and much more. Since 1992, Universal Impex Corporation has strived to offer unique Caribbean and South Asian food and beverages that meet the diverse taste of a growing multi-cultural country.

We have been making our special Caribbean and South Asian spice blends and original seasonings for the last 27 years. We believe that they add convenience and a unique flavour to any dish being prepared. Whether you want a taste of home, to try a new cuisine or to settle your post-travel nostalgia, we have something for everybody.

Our mission is to bring happiness to homes all over North America by connecting family and friends with quality Caribbean flavours. We make it easy to spice things up in your home or business kitchen with our dry seasoning blends, pepper sauces, and marinades. You can quench your thirst with our delicious tropical sodas, nectar drinks, coconut water, and ginger tea. You can also enjoy authentic island barbecue flavour with our line of barbecue sauces and jerk seasonings.

Cool Runnings, British Class, Mekong and Eaton’s products can be found at major grocery retailers, independent supermarkets, cash & carry’s, and restaurants across Canada. Today, our products are used by caterers, restaurant owners, and families all over Canada, the Caribbean and Africa.

Look for our products in the international/ethnic, spice, “World Cuisines to Discover” or “World of Flavours” aisles of grocery stores and start your journey to experience the authentic taste of the Caribbean!

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Cool Runnings Guava Passion Fruit Nectar
Cool Runnings Sodas

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